Dried hair, Damaged hair, Recovering perm


Hi every one !!

Um.. , I couldn’t post anythings  for long time


 The postting for today  is a digital perm with recovering hair



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Um .. sure it will be not easy for me to help her get a nice perm today..

She said that she got a rebonding 4th times and got color lot of times as well..


Wow……  Why don’t you get all the damaged hair cut off ??

I told her first !

She answer me, I hope so, but I can not I’m going to get married soon , I need  long hair to set my hair up !!

Probably it will take more than 6 hours to have it done… and the price will be about Rm 1400  !!

but she said that I don’t care it as long as it’s nice..

ok… umumumum…   the only answer  is doing  my best for you ~!!

ok.. let’s start ~~~

 [Dried hair, Damaged hair, Recovering perm, Korean Perm Hair Style]


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first of all,  I applied nutritions 4th times to fill out it

Most of my customers who gets digital perm or rebondig know what I’m talking about

yes.. applying  nutritions and drying ..  again and again…


 Untitled-8 copy


after rebonding … useing a digital muchine

 to get a nice wave



Untitled-7 copy


after second chemical. 

Untitled-4 copy.JPG6


we usually dry it by hands then can get more natual wave

 [Dried hair, Damaged hair, Recovering perm, Korean Perm Hair Style]

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it took almost 6 hours.

And she was really satisfied  with this,  and she said can set up her hair for wedding

 I’m sure If she can take care of her hair well

her hair  will be  better. !!

please don’t forget that home caring is very important 

 apply  hair treatment and hair essense and you can keep your hair keep healther !!