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A lovely korean digital perm

Hi every one !

Today, I’d like to introduce you about korean lovely digital perm !

Nowadays , Many of my customers ask me that they want to try  digital perm

or korean perm

Whenever I hear it , I feel that K- style is getting famous!!

So that, I chose a one of best style called lovely perm among  Korean

for my lovely customers

To get this lovely perm, even you can go with a normal perm.But the reason why I wrote lovely digitla perm

above is that most of korean like to get digital perm when they want to get wave .

I guess that is because of lasting ..

it means that normaly digital perm is lasting longer than any other perms.

By the way

Let’s go and see what  the lovely digital perm is

Oops!! ..

Thanks lovely girl for giving me your pictures.

Hope you be a best musical artist !!

( A picture below, heating operation )

Um, I want to tell you something ,  most important thing for heating

perm (a kind of digital , rebonding which is done by heater) is that you should get hair to become soft

without damaging . and when hair is becoming soft enough, don’t forget to control hair PH

That’s it !!

That is why I always say to customers that pretreatment before perm is very very important !!


Um.. Sorry I coundn’t take her pictues of previous hair .

Actually, She got quite long hair before cutting.

(A picture bellow is a shape of her hair after cutting )


It might take 3hours . Actually she was very worried about cutting her long hair to medium short.

But, we were able to see her smile finally ^^




Life is very short..  try something new now !!


Thank you for your permission to take pictures :)

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