Hair recovering & hair treatment

Did you find a treatment fit in your hair ?

If you still have a question what is good treament for recovering your hair! Here is right answer at yoojean hair salon.


As you see the picture above, she got a perme and color many times, so that her hair is bcome to dried hair. Once the hair turned to dried , it is not easy to recover it.


Wow !
Even by hands, I could not comb her hair

I thought I couldn’t make her hair get back to healthy hair again by normal treatment which is selling in the market

So I applied treatment with some poison?? which is made by my own to her hair
A poison !!  Kk um …  I can not tell u what kind of poison is… it is our secret !

Because, all the hair became hard or dry by chemical really need to be become a soft first.
For example. if you provide lots of treatment to the stone. It never go into to the stone. But what about sponges ?

That is why we must make hair become a soft by our own posion


No perming and no blow dry. Just dried by hands.  It looks like just got a perming again


Her hair is even getting fatter than before !
I’m sure it will be lasting longer than any other treatment !!