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[Color] Ombre Hair

A style called OMBRE color hair is that a color which has done by two colors with specific lines.


As people who always looking for a uniqueness is getting more and more,

this hair color called ombre is remained with us as a one of famous style.


Normally, these type of Two-tone color will fit in with wave hair more than straight hair.





Who don’t you try Ombre hair~

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Medium Sqare Bob with volume rebonding

Hi every one !!

It’s getting hotter , isn’t it ?

Um I’m thinking to go to korean restaurant

to tak a bowl of “Samgyetang”

Hvae you tried it before ??

If you didn’t.  try it once,  You won’t be disappointed !!

( I took a this picture from Naver)



Let’s talk about today’s posting !!

So today, what I want to show you

is  one of  korean nation style  ( means that more doing )

which is easy to manage one’s self  and looks modern as well.

I’m sure that a picture bellow will be fit you , even if you have very special face shape

20150802_190306 copy

유진 도해도 1

Um.. what about  curly hair ??

or crisp hair ?

like a following picture bellow

20150802_152337 copy

20150802_152343 copy

(Please Look at the pictue above and  let me know

 what is the exact type of  hair in english ?)

Um anyway

I guess they just think reboding is the only the way to get their hair smooth ..

So I want to tell them, “there are so many hair styles for you to try !!”

Please stop get your hair straight only!!

Volume rebonding is not only straightning but it gives more style and body to your hair!!

Save your time !!

You don’t have to blow dry every in the morning !!


Thanks !


Hair Manicure

A lot of customers don’t know about hair manicure and ask us like “What is Hair manicure?”

Probably know “Nail polish.” We can consider “Hair manicure” as “Hair polishing”

Posting Hair manicure photos of a customer of ours.



First of all, She had touch-up the color on her hair root.

2015_hair_manicure04 2015_hair_manicure03

The hair manicure doesn’t go into the hair. It just coats outside of the hair.

People get Hair manicure for their damaged hair to be looked healthy & elastic.

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