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[Fashion] JYJ gives off chic vibe in urban look

K-pop group JYJ gave off a chic vibe in an urban look at a preview event Monday for the upcoming film “Big Match.”


Yoochun donned a simple all-black dress inside and wore a dark green-toned coat.


Jaejoong boasted a gentle look with a dark colored checkered outer.

Junsu also preferred an all-black outfit inside while wearing a gray-toned coat.

The action-thriller film “Big Match” depicts a genius game programmer who designs a game for the rich, and a martial artist who is forced to fight in the game to save his older brother from the villain.

It will hit theaters on Thursday.




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[Fashion] Kim Woo-bin’s down jumper style

Korean actor Kim Woo-bin appeared in a fashion pictorial to promote outdoor brand Merrell’s new down jumper.

In the ad, the handsome model-actor wore the label’s Heat Up Goose Down and posed with a nice smile.


Looking so thermal at a glance, the product seems to guarantee warm winter. It is filled with high-quality goose down from Hungary and made using the Heat Inside process, with quilting both inside and outside the apparel.

“The down jacket’s TV commercial featuring Kim Woo-bin and Lee Na-young has become popular. We’ve received a lot of interest from people who want to buy the product,” an official from the company said.

By Yoon Ji-soo (


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