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Balhyo Armain Oil

Balhyo Armain Oil

Lustering Hair Texture Obtained Winding Smoothly Up with Moisture by Special Fermenting Feature.

Volume  |   100ml
• Main Ingredient   |   Linseed oil, Dimethiconol, Corn oil, Beta-carotene
• Used for product   |   All types of hair
Product Features
1) Remarkable Gloss and Luster

– ​The particles diminished by fermenting process method provide remarkable gloss and luster by refracting lot more light

2) ​In-Depth Nutrition and Moisturizing Feeling

– ​The particles diminished by fermenting process method infiltrate deep inside of cuticle and cortex layers providing nutrition and moisturizing feeling

3) ​No Residues with Long Holding of Hair

– ​The particles diminished by fermenting process method as fast absorbed allow keeping the softness or gloss and moist for long with no stickiness and residual feeling

How to use
Finishing Procedure after Drying with Towel or Dryer

Take the Fermented Linseed Oil out and rub on palm of hands by pumping for a couple of times, and evenly paste on dried or wet hair. Re-apply more carefully on dry or damaged hair areas

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