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2NE1’s stunning fashion style at airport

The unique style of girl group 2NE1 dazzled Tuesday at an airport in Korea.

Leader CL wore a vivid blue fur outer along with a short sporty blue one-piece dress. Along with the all-blue style, the member highlighted her look with a gold necklace and simple brown-toned bag.


Vocal member Park Bom wore a blue leather jacket and a long white turtleneck sweater, showing off a similar color look with the rapper.

The group flew to China for its overseas schedule.





[Makeup] How to apply Girl’s Day Haeri’s makeup in ‘Something’ music video

Makeup products used in demonstration:

1. Tony Moly BCDation #1
2. RMK Control Color
3. Lotree Clear Finish Fix Powder

4. Abbamart Belleme Easy Drawing Eyebrow Pencil
5. Canmake Color Change Eyebrow #2
6. Tony Moly Delight Jewel Eyes #5
**********7. DD’ell Cream Gelpot Shadow #8 *******i can‘t find this**********
8. Tony Moly Backstage Gel Eyeliner Grey Brown
9. Etude House Dr. Mascara Fixer for Perfect Lash
10. DD’ell Skinny Curling Mascara

Cheeks, lips and highlight
11. Tony Moly Kiss Lover Style Bubblepink
12. It’s Skin Dear My Muse Liquid Rouge Lea Pink
13. Tony Moly Crystal Blusher #16
14. Tony Moly Crystal Blusher #14

15. Olive Young Curler
16. Picasoo Eyeme False Lashes #39
*****17. Abbamart Viemake White Angle Contour Brush ******can’t find this********
18. Lotree Highlight Brush


First, choose a moist pearl base to keep your skin moisturized. Then apply a natural-colored foundation and finish with some powder.

The eyebrows must be straight, and the forehead and the end of the eyebrows have to be filled naturally. For Haeri’s look, apply a bright brown mascara with a touch of yellow.


For the eye makeup, use a pearl shadow as the base and apply it over the entire eyelid.


Choose a peach-colored shadow and apply it over the white shadow.


Then use a brown reddish shadow and apply it on the forehead and end of the eye, as shown in the picture.


Choose a white pearl shadow and apply just a little bit at the center of the eyelid. This step is necessary for a natural and bright look.


The eyeliner has to be thicker at the end and drawn slightly upturned. The underline has to be filled as well.


For the last step use the brown reddish shadow again and underline half the eye.


Choose some false eyelashes that are not too long. To make the false eyelashes more natural, use some mascara and apply it over the false ones. Don’t forget to apply them on your under lashes as well.


For a finishing touch, use an orange blush and apply it on your cheeks for a bubbly look. For a natural look, don’t use too much of the blusher.


After this step, apply a pink beige highlighter and apply it on the T-zone.


Gradate the lips with a hot pink lipstick and use a little bit of a much darker pink-tinted gloss for the inside of the lips.


A finished shoots of the finished eye makeup
Finished Girl’s Day Haeri makeup

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